Controlled writing as a class exercise for beginner

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Writing is part of skills that the students must learn in class. This skill seems to be the most difficult for some of the students who learn English as second or foreign language. At the basic level, writing is an act of committing words or ideas to some medium. On the other hand, writing is a work of inventing ideas, thinking about how to express the ideas and organizing them into sentences that will be clear to readers.  Writing itself is not a skill that cannot be learned. By the help of the teacher and a lot of exercises, the students will be able to improve their ability in writing. Some exercises that can help the students are controlled writing. The examples of controlled writing are imitating, rewrite a story using the clues given, combining sentences, completing sentences, and arrange sentences into chronological order.  This paper tries to show the need of controlled writing as an exercise to improve students’ ability especially beginner in writing for communicating their ideas.

Key words: controlled writing, beginner, writing class.

Written by Rindang Widiningrum ~ SatyaWacanaSchoolof Foreign Languages (STiBA Satya Wacana) for International Seminar “Creative Strategies for Teaching English”, Semarang, June 6th 2009

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