Language teaching strategies

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language teaching strategies
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Language teaching strategies can be so various; it can depend  on the students’ needs and teachers’ creativity. As this abstract mainly try to explain to the readers. This title, “language teaching strategies“, is not the actual title, i.e. “Various foreign language teaching strategies for young learners” written by H. Sumartono, S.Pd. that was one of articles given in the International Seminar “Creative Strategies for Teaching English” held by English Department of Semarang State University on June 6th, 2009 in Semarang. For the complete abstract of language teaching strategies, please read this only following paragraph.

This paper aims at the importance of foreign language teaching strategies in optimizing young learners’ foreign language proficiency. It is quite interested to be investigated due to the young learners have specific and unique characteristics which are supposed to be different from adult learners. The difference demands a language for young learner teacher to select sequential language teaching techniques and strategies which are formulated and organized in such a way adjusted to the learners’ condition and needs to yield the intended result. This paper provides general characteristics of young learners compared with adult language learners, the advantages of teaching language in early childhood and describes how to be an ideal young learner teacher by identifying several required potentialities. It also stresses on the importance of selecting and determining accurate and suitable language teaching strategies and chronological class activities in all language skills. In the last section, the paper exhibits the teacher’s role in handling the young learner English class.

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