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Toponim-Based Geography Learning Model

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geography learning modelGeography Learning Model – Using environment Toponim around the school as a basis of geography learning with a documentary film production is a learning model expected to improve the students’ interest and creativity to the learning process, learning materials comprehension and to improve their care attitude toward environment.

The research question of this research was how to improve the learning model that can be applied to teach geography material for senior high school in the point of Basic Competences 3.2 in the School Based Curriculum. The objectives of this research were: (1) to improve the Geography learning model, (2) to apply the Geography learning model, (3) to examine the effect(s) of applying the Geography learning model.

The type of this research was research and development. The research stage was initiated with the development of geography learning model and materials, the expert validation was given to experiment classes afterwards. After that, the learning model was given to a class treated as control and experiment stages.

The research data was collected using a questionnaire that was descriptively analyzed and using an inventory that was comparatively analyzed with paired t-test statistic.

The result of this research suggested that Toponim-based geography learning model with an environmental documentary film production strategy could give positive effect(s) to the student(s). Based on the score statistic test in the control and experimental classes there are significant differences: (1) the improvement of students’ care attitude to the environment, (2) the improvement of students’ interest and creativity in learning, and (3) the improvement of students’ comprehension of the environmental conservation materials.

The conclusions of this research were: Toponim-based Geography Learning Model refers to Kemp model with several adaptations. The result of t-test statistic suggested this learning model is suitable to be used in the wider scale, (2) the flexibility of learning management, the adventurous and challenging atmosphere can improve the students’ interest and creativity, (3) teaching students with the real life can help theme understand and improve their care attitude to the environment.

Suggestions: (1) this toponim-based geography learning model can be applied in more senior high schools for geography learning, (2) the learning strategy through documentary film production can be applied in other investigative subjects, and (3) the students’ works of documentary films should be compiled and taken advantages for learning media.

Original Title: Toponim-based Geography Learning Model with an Environmental Documentary Film Production Strategy in State Senior High School 1 Bandar

Author: Wasro (2012) – Post-Graduate Program of Semarang State University.

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